The hardest conversations are the ones we need most.

They draw us together. They heal. And they make life sweeter.

Meet Lauren

Lauren Lehman Carter // Riddle Road Photography

Hi, I’m Lauren Lehman Carter and I’m a recovering perfectionist, a wedding planner, a business owner, a mother, a relentless optimist, a social justice fighter and I’m empathetic to the core. I am also a sexual assault survivor.


My Guys // Riddle Road Photography

Finding the sweet spots of life. This is the next chapter of my continued journey to breakdown barriers, have honest conversations {especially the difficult ones}, let go of perfection, and live life more fully.

“Well behaved women seldom make history.”

Laurel Thatcher Ulrich


I am a writer, an event planner, and a business owner. Without big events to plan these days, I’m leaning into writing, because writing has been my outlet ever since I could string a few words together . I am currently riding out the pandemic in the Chicago suburbs with my two young sons {5, 8}, my husband and my mama.

Meet Lauren


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