The hardest conversations are the ones we need most.

They draw us together. They heal. And they make life sweeter.

Meet Lauren

Lauren Lehman Carter // Riddle Road Photography

I’m Lauren Lehman Carter and I’m a wedding planner, a business owner, a mother, a relentless optimist, a social justice fighter, and I’m empathetic to the core. I am also a sexual assault survivor and not afraid of uncomfortable conversations.


My Guys // Riddle Road Photography

Finding the sweet spots of life. This is the next chapter of my continued journey to breakdown barriers, have honest conversations {especially the difficult ones}, let go of perfection, and live life more fully.

“Well behaved women seldom make history.”

Laurel Thatcher Ulrich


I have a new idea of perfection. I believe it is the sum total of all the beautiful, broken, complicated, and uncomfortable pieces make us who we are. It is having the courage to challenge ourselves to grow and standing up for others. It is knowing that you are loved and seen in your wholeness. I am currently riding out the pandemic in the Chicago suburbs with my two young sons, my husband and my mama.

Meet Lauren


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A Sugared Life Gumdrop // Artwork by EJD Design
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