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It’s been fun watching how social media has evolved over the years and how it has changed the way that we communicate and connect. For what it is now, I most appreciate how social media can change my perspective or inspire me to look at life through a different lens and to find the beauty in a dull moment.

I guess I’m taking it a step further by jumping into the world of blogging. My vision for this project is that it will fuel the inspiration in my life, while sharing that inspiration and experience with others. We all post the best of our best moments online and it can create a dreamy Instagram feed, but life is not just the highlight reel. Days are full of chaos and life is messy, complicated and beautiful at the same time.

There is plenty of chaos in my world: I am a mama to two sweet and energetic little boys; a wife with a hubby who has a long daily commute and a dry sense of humor; a wedding planner, surrounded by dreams and pretty things; and a homeowner with a 1965 house that’s a work in progress but full of warm and fuzzies.

After almost a decade living in Chicago, my hubs and I took the leap out to the far western suburbs. It’s about an hour from our house to downtown, but we’re constantly working on our balancing act to blend our love of the city and our charming little small town suburb. I’m learning that life is just one big balancing act and it can get overwhelming.

Regardless of how overwhelming it may get, I remind myself to appreciate the sweetness of life, even when it’s chaotic and messy. To find the sweet spot.

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Heart on my Sleeve // Social Justice Fighter // Survivor // Mama // Wedding Planner

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