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My sugary gumdrop.

When I first set out to start this blog, I had a clear vision of the range of subjects I wanted cover – complete with an idea burst on the back of scratch paper, 3 months worth of blog ideas and a few pre-written pieces. In my blogging research, I read that it’s important to have a pretty specific and narrow subject. I’ve definitely deviated from my initial list and I’m not sure how narrow my subjects have been. I’ve steered off the original path that I planned, touching on subjects that are much more sensitive and personal, but those are the ones that seem to resonate the most. I’m writing about the things that feel relevant, hoping that they connect with others. Reflecting back on the pieces that I’ve felt most strongly about, I think I’m also working on finding my voice not just in writing but in life, in a way.

Initial sketch of blogging ideas.

I’ve always been very outgoing and outspoken, probably to a fault. It’s like I feel the need to fill silence, in an effort to deflect from my flaws. If I keep talking, maybe no one will notice that I’m not feeling very put together or polished. Part of it is certainly a defense mechanism of sorts, but I also genuinely love connecting with people, be it having a conversation with a stranger or digging deeper with the people in my life. I also don’t have much of a filter. Believe me, I’ve tried, but it’s like I just don’t have the ability to not put all of my cards on the table. I’m terrible at poker. I might be able to smile through frustration and people please with the best of ’em, but typically I’m an open book.

While I anticipated that this blog would center around my favorite products, experiences in renovating and styling our home, parties that I love to host, my career, parenting and pretty little life details, it’s taken an additional path that probably shouldn’t have been much of a surprise. Life isn’t always full of fab details and it’s much more than just the outward appearance of things being polished. There’s always something beautiful in the mundane or simple, even if it’s just gratitude for being in that moment and being alive.

Since starting this blog a few months ago, it has helped to keep me accountable in my goals, like being nicer to myself or the constant struggle for work/life balance. The pretty things should have their moment in the sun, sure, but digging deeper is what makes life rich. I’m always looking to make things better, with my life, my family’s experience, my home and my career. Be it broad, I guess that’s my blogging direction; constantly growing and improving. Writing about more introspective topics or taking an unglamorous yet honest tone has been cathartic and now that I’m seeing how this is developing, I want to stay true to that.

A Sugared Life_overivew

What types of posts would you like to see more of??


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2 thoughts on “finding my voice

  1. I love reading your posts Lauren! Each one is fun to read, makes me think, and gives me ideas that I can apply to my life too. Keep up the hard work! You’re doing great! 🙂

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