Meet Lauren

If you’re looking for my professional, event planning bio, this ain’t it. Click here instead…

I’m a recovering perfectionist. Don’t get me wrong, I will always firmly believe that everything has a place and even the most mundane of moments deserve the right lighting, soundtrack, and cocktail napkin. I guess my idea of perfection has shifted or evolved. Perfection is all of the beautiful, broken, complicated, and uncomfortable pieces make us who we are. It is having the courage to face out demons and challenge ourselves to grow. It is knowing that you are loved and seen in your wholeness. 

I write to engage in the hard conversations, because I believe those are the conversations we need the most. I believe that is how we grow – individually and together. I have been engaged in anti-racism work since 2015, I am an outspoken survivor of sexual assault, living with PTSD, and always looking to find the sweet spots in life.

I live with my husband, 2 young sons, and my mom in a wooded enclave in the Chicago suburbs. I am a social justice fighter, business owner, and I have been a wedding planner for over 15 years.


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